We often wonder why are men so hesitant is purchasing clothes online. Do you wonder too?
Well its 2016 and men nowadays admit their love for shopping. They like it as much as the women do! So we decided to kick-in the online apparel industry, providing a platform with a large variety of styles that would make a mark without causing any hinderance in their mindset! We understand men go for the classics, but do you ever question yourself about trying to look difference by not going for the basics! 
And here we are to cater to those needs. Urbantaga is a new brand trying to bring a change in how men shop online, and is making this an important moment in men’s fashion. We gathered a great team of skilled pattern masters, tailors and designers to make online shopping for men easy! 
We understand the problems faced during purchasing apparels online and have decided to get a remarkable change in this pattern. Providing some great quality with art! 
Not just relieving a great art of India but also aiding the lives of skilled workers. We believe that Indian men need to get a contemporary piece added to their wardrobe in their day to day wear. However, the problem faced during online shopping has been resolved by us. We promise to provide you a quality like never before, a style that would make a statement not getting you out of your comfort zone, a classic look in the urban style! And a size that fits you like it was tailored for you!