Chikankari is the traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India. The
beautiful technique was developed during the period when the Mughals ruled.
The technique of creation of a chicken work is known as chikankari.

The intricate, delicate and artfuly done hand embroidery is done on various
textiles now-a-days! From muslin to chiffon,net and etc. But guess what?
Urbantaga decided to go a little edgy and break the stereotypes. We
experimented with DENIM, the urban way to let our culture remain.

The piece begins with one or more pattern blocks that are used to
block-print a pattern on the ground fabric. The embroiderer stitches the
pattern, and the finished piece is carefully washed to remove all traces of
the printed pattern. The process of chikankari includes designing,
engraving, block printing followed by embroidery. Later the washing,
ironing and other finishing touches are given.

Urbantage takes care of every single detail, bring different designs and
present you a product which just fits in your lifestyle.

The designs are thought about with such intensity that keeps the unique
identity of chikankari and amalgamate with the contemporary style.

Our stitches are so strong that even if you wanted to break that thread and
get away, we wouldn’t let it come so easy.

Now, why are we even telling you about chikankari :

Stay close to the roots, remain strong! Promoting our exquisite culture in
the urbantaga way!