Buddhism is one of the most popular religions in the world with approximately 488 million followers from all over the world. The establishment and the spread of the great doctrines of Buddhism: the cultivation of wisdom, spreading love, kindness and compassion for others, renunciation of worldly cravings and attachments, and the practice of meditating is attributed to the Lord Buddha. Originated in Ancient India in 5th Century BC, it soon spread to the different parts of the world.

Buddha Statues are believed to bring tranquility, positive energy, inner peace and motivation in the house or workplace. The placement of the Buddha Statues is considered to help one purify his mind, build up the serenity with oneself and the surroundings, and motivates one to overcome the negativity in minds such as jealousy, hatred, greed and desires. The Buddhists firmly believe that the Buddha Statue helps one to achieve self-discipline which ultimately grants one peace of mind and spreads positive aura or Chi around the house or the workplace.

The placement of Buddha Statues brings different positive impacts on oneself. Placing it in the living room brings serenity while putting it in the kids’ study room helps them in concentration and studies. One can also choose to display in it the office which will bring in good fortunes to the business while placing it outside in the gardens can helps one experience relaxing and soothing aura.

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